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Audio (click here): Stereo recording of a Gray Catbird. Near the end, a curious Chickadee drops by the left microphone to make a statement.

Birds sighted on or around Towne Pond: American Goldfinch  ~  American Robin  ~  Barn Swallow  ~  Black-capped Chickadee  ~  Blue Jay  ~  Brown-headed Cowbird  ~  Bufflehead  ~  Canada Goose  ~  Cardinal  ~  Chipping Sparrow  ~  Common Crackle  ~  Common Crow  ~  Common Flicker  ~  Common Muskrat  ~  Double-crested Cormorant  ~  Downy Woodpecker  ~  Eastern Kingbird  ~  Gray Catbird  ~  Great Blue Heron  ~  Great Egret  ~  Great Horned Owl  ~  Green Heron  ~  Hairy Woodpecker  ~  Hooded Merganser  ~  House Finch  ~  Indigo Bunting  ~  Mallard  ~  Marsh Hawk  ~  Mockingbird  ~  Mourning Dove  ~  Northern ("Baltimore") Oriole  ~  Osprey  ~  Purple Finch  ~  Purple Martin  ~  Red Breasted Nuthatch  ~  Red-bellied Woodpecker  ~  Red-winged Blackbird  ~  Ring-necked Duck  ~  Rock Dove  ~  Rose-Breasted Grosbeak  ~  Screech Owl  ~  Tufted Titmouse  ~  Turkey  ~  White-breasted Nuthatch  ~  Wood Duck  ~  Yellow-Crowned Night Heron  ~  Yellow-rumped Warbler

Mammals, reptiles, and amphibians discovered on or around Towne Pond: American Beaver  ~  Bats (Large Brown?)  ~  Bullfrog  ~  Common Muskrat  ~  Common Raccoon  ~  Deer Mouse  ~  Eastern Chipmunk  ~  Eastern Gray Squirrel  ~  Eastern Painted Turtle  ~  Garter Snake  ~  Green Frog  ~  Mink  ~  Northern Flying Squirrel  ~  Northern River Otter  ~  Northern Water Snake  ~  Red Fox  ~  Red Squirrel  ~  Snapping Turtle  ~  Spring Peeper  ~  Virginia Opossum  ~  White-tailed Deer  ~  Woodchuck

Small picture gallery of the animals in and around Towne Pond

Baby robins (74KB)
Baby robins

Fly on wild daisy (63KB)
Insect on wild daisy

Bullfrog on stump (117KB)
Bullfrog on stump

Lily pad fleas? (77KB)
Lily pad fleas?

Canada geese on pond in spring (96KB)
Canada geese in spring

Goose with broken wing on icy pond (61KB)
Goose with broken wing

Female mallard (42KB)
Female mallard duck

Painted turtle laying eggs in lawn (143KB)
Painted turtle laying eggs

Red squirrel (101KB)
Red squirrel

Eastern chipmunk (46KB)
Eastern chipmunk

River otter (69KB)
Northern river otter

River otter (94KB)
Northern river otter


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