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Most of the pictures in this Towne Pond website were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera. The photo gallery has been divided up into the categories shown on the left. On this page are some of my favorite pictures. To see a higher resolution image, click on the thumbnail image. These "higher resolution images" are still only 1/9 the resolution of the original images acquired using the Nikon camera.


Winter image of pond from a balcony (112KB)
Winter view from balcony

View from dock in late winter or early spring (106KB)
View from dock in early spring

Private trail on edge of pond (95KB)
Private trail along pond

Mossy lagoon (150KB)
Mossy lagoon

Frog on floating log (163KB)
Frog on floating log

Colorful sundew, an insectivorous plant (103KB)
Colorful Sundew, an
insectivorous plant

Macro view of moss and pod stalks (100KB)
Macro view of moss
and pod stalks

Rock in Fall (258KB)

Small wildflower (32KB)
Lesser Stitchwort
(Stellaria graminea)

Rich vegatation on edge of pond (158KB)
Rich vegetation
on edge of pond

View of a house from the pond dam (109KB)
View of house
from the pond dam

Rock on edge of pond (106KB)
Rock on edge of pond


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