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These are pictures of various flowers found around Towne Pond. Click on any thumbnail image to see a higher resolution one. Most of these photos were taken in macro mode.

Wild snap dragon (35KB)
Wild Lupine
(Lupinus perennis)
Interesting wild flower #2 (37KB)
Lesser Stitchwort
(Stellaria graminea)
Wild honey suckle? (37KB)
Swamp Honeysuckle
(Rhododendron viscosum)
Wild honey suckle #2 (71KB)
More Swamp
LadySlipper.jpg (56410 bytes)
Pink Lady's Slipper
(Cypripedium acaule)
Neat wild flower with bug (48KB)
Milkweed with bug
(Asclepiadaceae family)
Flower with caterpillar (45KB)
Kidney Vetch
(Anthyllis vulneraria)
Wild flower (or weed?) (34KB)
Red Campion
(Lychnis dioica)
Yellow snap dragon (34KB)
(Linaria vulgaris)
Little flowers on floor of path around pond (79KB)
(Mitchella repens)
Prolific wild daisy (48KB)
Ox-Eye Daisy (Chrysanthemum
Small daisy-like flower (46KB)
Daisy Fleabane
(Erigeron annuus)
Another daisy-like wild flower (42KB)
Daisy Fleabane
(Erigeron strigosus)
Yellow wild flower with serrated petal ends (43KB)
Sunflower family
Lapsana cummnis)
Four-leaf flower with veins (53KB)
Wild Radish
(Raphanus raphanistrum)
Little blue flowers (45KB)
(Houstonia caerulea)

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