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These are more pictures of various flowers found around Towne Pond. Click on any thumbnail image to see a higher resolution one.

Fragrant flower stalks (40KB)
Sweet Pepperbush
(Clethra alnifolia)
Canada goldenrod (58KB)
Canada Goldenrod
(Solidago canadensis)
Yellow hawkweed (74KB)
Yellow Hawkweed
(hieracium pratense)
Sweet everlasting (47KB)
Sweet Everlasting
(Gnaphalium obtusifolium)
Black-Eyed Susan (43KB)
Black-Eyed Susan
(Rudbeckia hirta)
Wild Carrot (60KB)
Wild Carrot
(Daucus carota)
New York Aster (75KB)
New York Aster
(Aster novae-belgii)
Flowers of a marsh plant (65KB)
Sheep Laurel
(Kalmia angustifolia)
Bladderwort.jpg (22610 bytes)
Humped Bladderwort
(Utricularia gibba)
Lobelia (34KB)
(Lobelia inflata)
Aster (31 KB)
Small White Aster
(Aster vimineus)

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